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Greens & Reds Superfood Powder

Everyone knows we all need dark, leafy greens to stay healthy, but most do not have the time, budget, or the taste buds to get the full spectrum every day. It's no secret that very few people have enough vegetables in their diet. That's why you need the convenience of buying super greens powder online. Even if you're good at getting whole foods into your diet, we all need the extra nutrients from a greens supplement to help keep our bodies healthy.

Biopharma Scientific spares no expense in purchasing the finest organic greens, fruits, and veggies that are grown specifically for their high phytonutrient content. The ingredients are juiced and freeze-dried at a low temperature to concentrate all the natural goodness of freshly juiced produce, but without the sugar, fiber, and water. We add cinnamon, milk thistle, digestive enzymes, and oat beta-glucan for healthy cholesterol. It is our mission to give you the best greens superfood powder, or we go back to the drawing board.

Green powder dietary supplements make it easy and convenient for you to reach the daily recommended vegetable intake. Greens powders are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals, such as selenium, iodine, chromium, and plant compounds, that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. When used as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, they help support overall wellness and immune function.

We have formulated a variety of greens & reds natural protein powder to fit specific taste buds, health benefits, and price point. We offer green superfood supplements. check them out below:

Nanogreens10 + probiotic (green apple & strawberry): The antioxidant power of 10 servings of fruits & veggies from 55 natural and non-GMO ingredients. We also add DE111 Deerland Enzymes strain of the probiotic spore, Bacillus subtilis. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help keep the intestine healthy and assist in digestion and nutrient absorption.

(green apple & strawberry): The antioxidant power of 10 servings of fruits & veggies from 55 natural and non-GMO ingredients. We take it a few steps further compared to other green powders to make sure your body actually absorbs the nutrients for better results you can see and feel.

Nanoreds: Packed with super fruits and vegetables, with a concentration on high-antioxidant berries. We didn't stop there; we added resveratrol for anti-aging and a highly bioavailable vitamin C to keep your body going strong.